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Yoga Flow







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Yoga Flow Online

You're yoga teachers

Class duration is usually 45 to 60 minutes. Because the yoga classes are online, I strive to provide accurate instruction to help you get the most of each asana and your class.

Is Yoga flow right for you?

Vinyasa is also called flow because of the dynamic movement between each pose. We do hold for a few breaths in each post, but mainly each pose runs together. Every class is slow and ideal for beginners. Vinyasa connects breath and movement with a focus on strengthening poses and core work. 

Most of the classes will be sequenced around a peak pose such as a beginner backend. However, sometimes I'll focus on a particular theme such as the chakras or an aspect of yoga philosophy. The class may be dynamic and focus on strengthening postures, or it may be a slower flow with an emphasis on mobility and flexibility in the spine or the hips.


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200-RYT, L2 Essentrics


Cecilia offers a slow, deliberate and meditative yoga program, making her classes excellent for beginners and those needing more time.


500 Yoga Teacher, L2 Essentrics


Power yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Restorative to Yin Yoga, Catherina offers a wide variety of yoga styles. 

While borrowing freely from traditional Ashtanga teachings, a Vinyasa Yoga class is not a rigidly defined set of poses: in fact, no two classes are ever alike.

As a philosophy, Vinyasa recognizes the temporary nature of things.  We enter into a posture, sometimes we hold there for a while and then leave. Vinyasa is synonymous with movement.  Moving in and out of postures is the obvious movement but even in stillness Vinyasa is represented by the beat of your heart and inhale/exhale of your breath. Join us.


What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga is a moving meditation.


We mindfully take our body through a string of asanas (postures) working in sync with a deep breath. Striving for a union between body, breath, and mind makes Vinyasa Yoga a potentially transformative practice.

While Vinyasa Krama is interpreted in slightly different ways by other students (we are students, even yoga teachers), but we always include the breathwork, step-by-step approach to Yoga, and tailored to the individual student or class level.

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