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Weight Management Program

Oatmeal with Nuts
Calorie Count

20-week program

Our Weight Manamgnet Coaching program is not about quick weight loss. Instead, we work together, help you set realistic weight loss goals, and then set out a plan with proven strategies and programs to help you create a new healthy lifestyle.


Why 20 weeks? To feel better, it takes four weeks. In six weeks, you start to see some differences, and in eight weeks, you see many changes. In 20 weeks, you'll have worked towards successfully changing your lifestyle and understand the strategies to maintain your weight.




Before we begin, I'll assess your level of commitment. You'll need to be 100% ready to commit, as our Weight Management Coaching program is there to keep you accountable. If you are not ready, you'll either feel frustrated or annoyed.


In other words, you have to really want to change your lifestyle, want to understand what is holding you back, work on your eating triggers and more. If not, it would be best to come back to us when you're ready.



  • Weekly one-to-one coaching sessions

  • Recap of your coaching session with detailed notes & action steps

  • Food recommendations supported by 

  • Customized workout plan

  • Understanding eating triggers, identifying obstacles and problem-solving methods

  • Creating healthy grocery shopping and dining-out strategies


  • Customized and a complete eating plan developed by a registered dietitian

  • Relaxation routines & personalized stress reduction techniques

  • Establishing meditation, bedtime routine and morning ritual

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Behaviour Change 

Physical Activity

Accountability & Commitment

Keep it Simple

Balanced Diet

No Food Restrictions

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