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You'll have one-to-one classes customized based on your goals and fitness level. The class duration can be from 30, 45 or 60 minutes. All training programs are online at this time. 

What is mobility training?

In Mobility Training, we focus on strengthening weakened muscles, loosening muscles that are too tight, restoring full range of motion, and stabilizing joints to improve control and balance.  Sessions generally include working on all 650 muscles, joints, connective tissue - the entire body while targeting the problem area.


Mobility exercises are a blend of dynamic and static stretching, yoga, ballet and PNF.

 We work mainly with women on a one-to-one basis or in small group settings. They are at different fitness levels (from beginners to athletes) with the same goal, they want to feel better within their body and increase mobility.

Learn more about Essentrics.


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200-RYT | L2 Essentrics | Barre | Fitness Nutrition | Lifestyle Management Coach


Cecilia offers a slow, deliberate and meditative yoga program, making her classes excellent for beginners and those needing more time. Other styles include Yin Yoga, Restorative & Vinyasa Practices.


500-HR Yoga Teacher | L2 Essentrics | Spin


Power yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Restorative to Yin Yoga, Catherina offers a wide variety of yoga styles. In her spare time, Catherina teaches Spin, Essentrics and Chair Fitness.

Mobility Training starts where physical therapy stops.


Mobility training is about improving the performance of the muscle or joint to create a balanced body.  Mobility training works to create strength where you lack control and improve flexibility to work out better, relieve chronic pain and have a better lifestyle.  


Your fitness goals need to be consistent; you won’t see changes. It sounds simple, but we both know it's not easy. 

Here’s how we can help you stay consistent to help you reach your fitness goals: 

  • Variety: Fun and variety of workouts that keep you coming back 

  • Education: The more you learn about the latest search on fitness or learn a new skill like how to properly squat, how to plank, you'll feel more confident in staying committed to your program.  

  • Personalized: Personalized workout and one-to-one attention to your individual needs

  • Welcoming environment with supportive peers

  • Online training available when you're travelling or can make it to our location

  • Class times that make sense with your schedule

  • Expert fitness and nutritional fitness coaches who challenge you to progress

  • Results. Nothing will motivate you to keep coming back more than the changes you’ll see & feel. 


  • Mobility training for mind and body

  • Support for healthy ageing

  • Increasing personal motivation

  • Mindful Eating Practices

  • Fitness Nutrition Support

  • Managing stress and anxiety

Fitness Nutrition & Weight Management Support Program

Proper nutrition plays a more significant role than exercise does when it comes to getting results. Remember, you train one hour a day, but you have 23 more hours to eat. 


My support system is designed to help you develop healthy habits outside of the gym so you can reach your goals more efficiently and have better workouts. I am not a dietitian. The support program does not provide menu planning.


The Support Program creates accountability for your actions, develops mindful eating habits and supplements the plan you and a registered dietitian have created. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM HERE

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