Essentrics Dynamic Stretch

Updated: Apr 3

Essentrics Dynamic Stretch program taught by certified teachers. Whether your goal is body shaping or health & wellness, athletic performance, Essentrics is good for all fitness levels.

Essentrics Dynamic Stretch program draws on the flowing movements of tai chi, the methods behind ballet, and the healing principles of physiotherapy. This dynamic workout is developed by Miranda Esmonde-White. Essentrics simultaneously lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body, resulting in greater joint mobility and lean, toned muscles.

Time and Date

Please check our schedule as we continually update our class offerings. You can find our class schedule here.

Age Backwards With The Help Of Essentrics

Eccentric exercise simultaneously lengthens and strengthens. Both are needed. We need to perform Eccentric and Concentric exercises. Many short- and long-term benefits occur as a result of regular flexibility training. Initially, stretching maintains and increases the range of motion and increases blood supply to the soft muscle tissue.

Whether your goal is body shaping or health & wellness, athletic performance or age reversal, Essentrics is for men and women of all ages and fitness levels and recommended by doctors, professional athletes, and physiotherapists.

Essentrics For Athletic Injury or Chronic Pain

Essentrics can be part of your healing journey. If you have an injury, suffer from chronic pain or completed your sessions with your physiotherapist and need additional mobility and strength training, you can work with us.

All you need to do is receive medical clearance from your doctor or physiotherapist and submit our website or Essentrics teacher for approval.

Therapeutic Workouts

When you do an Essentrics workout on a daily basis, you will :

  • build muscle

  • create definition

  • relieve joint pain

  • nourish the muscles

  • activate connective tissue and fascia

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