Benefits of Personal Training & Private Lessons

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

There are many benefits to investing in personal training or taking private lessons. I offer personal training and private lessons in Essentrics, Chair fitness and yoga. Based on your goals and fitness, I will personalize the routine to ensure you have a safe class. Chair fitness can be a blend of Essentrics, yoga, cardio and barre work. Each class can range from 30 minutes to one hour long.

If you're unsure if it's worth the investment, check out the rest of this post. It will give you a good idea of who are good candidates for personal training and private lessons.

For one thing, taking private lessons or hiring a trainer, one of our goals will be to provide exercises to correct imbalances and prevent injury. The investment is worth the individualized plan to keep you healthy and reach your goals efficiently. If you keep making New Year's resolutions to get fit and it hasn’t happened yet, this year may be the right time and worth a try.

Who are you?

Usually, people who want personal training or private message have the following demographics:

1. You are new to fitness or yoga.

Not all of us had parents who invested in physical fitness. Getting into fitness is learnt behaviour. Before joining a group class setting, you may want to prepare yourself, understand the lingo, and become familiar with muscles and form.

With that, we'll work with you to get all the basics nailed down, priming you for bigger and more social classes.

2. You are not comfortable with the movement. You need more time to understand its purpose and how to get into the Asana or stretch poses.

For those who love Pelaton, weight training and tennis could also be because there is no flow or dance style movement involved. Sure, these are all great fitness programs. I do weight training and biking as part of my fitness program.

Let's face it, Essentrics can be too musical where some sections require us to follow the beat while we're stretching and strengthening at the same time. But, you're interested in the program's benefits, so you would like some private lessons before entering a class. Private lessons will also get you ready to take a regular class. You'll be able to fully participate without having to stop, look, try, look and finally get the routine.

3. You suffer from anxiety or are self-conscious in a general fitness or yoga class.

While yoga is great to help manage anxiety and stress, getting into a classroom can still create nerves. We've all been there. For some, it's first-time jitters where we can easily become confident and relaxed once the class starts. However, for others, a group environment is counter-productive to combat anxiety.

Also, online classes can be difficult if you've never taken an Essentrics or yoga class. Investing in a few private lessons will help you become more confident about what to expect in each class.

4. You need support to help you meet your personal health and fitness goals.

If you've gained weight and not ready to enter the class, suffer from chronic pain and need to ensure a safe environment or perhaps have limited mobility, investing in private lessons is an excellent option for you.

Or perhaps the popular image of a young, long, and super flexible yogini in a pretzel form wearing skin-tight spandex bears little resemblance to yourself? If you are bigger-bodied, overcoming the mental and physical hurdles to trying yoga for the first time can be even more challenging.

At O Flo Fitness, we strive to offer classes for all fitness levels. But we’re not all created equal. For some of us, injuries or health concerns can make a group yoga class impractical and even dangerous. Unfortunately, as an instructor teaching to a full class, we can't address everyone's individual health concerns. Private lessons would be a good value for your safety and ensure that the program is designed to help you.

5. You have a fitness or wellness goal and want to add an element of personal attention to help you meet your vision.

Private yoga lessons mean you have that one person who shows up for you. We meet you exactly where you are to inspire and support positive and sustainable shifts in your health and well-being. The program and, most often, each class are modified to cater specifically to your body. You’ll experience positive shifts and breakthroughs far quicker than if you only practiced in a group class.

6. Your work doesn't allow you to take regular classes, and you need us to craft a class schedule that fits your specifications.

Benefits of personal training & private lessons

Yoga and Essentrics develop your balance, which helps you feel grounded and increases longevity. Yoga helps to bring the mind-body connection to the fore, improving self-image and acceptance of your body. Most importantly, yoga can help you feel better by improving your physical fitness and elevating your mood.

Change doesn't happen overnight

If you're reading this post, then you know you have goals that you cannot meet alone. I'll design a fitness program to help you achieve your health goal. Change doesn't happen overnight. Getting fit and healthy is hard work and requires dedication over time. Work with a trainer that is as dedicated to you and your goals. Personal training or private lesson programs help to change lives and helps you master your body.

Contact me to discuss your health and fitness needs. I'll craft a personal training program that will fit your goals.


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