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eccentric dynamic stretch and EccENTRIC Barre

You're Eccentric Stretch Instructors

Class duration is usually 45 to 60 minutes. Eccentric Stretch Program is provided online and in Montreal. We will return to onsite classes hopefully soon.


Eccentric Program incorporates dynamic stretching with strengthening exercises, blending yoga, PNF and Tai Chi elements in every class.  

Is Eccentric stretech program right for you?

Everyone needs to be flexible and mobile. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Eccentric Stretch focuses on active stretching exercises usually applied in ballet, PNF, tai chi fluidity and physiotherapy techniques.


Stretching is also beneficial to improve your posture. Poor posture—a common and increasing problem—can easily be reversed and healed with daily stretching.


During an Eccentric Stretch class, you'll be targeting the posture with specific stretching and strengthening techniques. We will work on your muscles to encourage proper alignment to improve your body posture to be less slouched and more vertical.


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200-RYT, L2 Essentrics, Barre

Cecilia offers a slow, deliberate and meditative yoga program, making her classes excellent for beginners and those needing more time.



500-HR Yoga Teacher, L2 Essentrics, Barre

Power yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Restorative to Yin Yoga, Catherina offers a wide variety of yoga styles. Caterina also enjoys teaching Barre and Essentrics Aging Backwards.


Strengthening and maintaining your muscles can boost metabolism, which means you'll use more energy for every action you perform. Muscle-strengthening activities help maintain the ability to perform everyday tasks and slow down the rate of bone and muscle loss associated with ageing

What is the eccentric stretch program?

Eccentric Stretch Program is a full-body workout that rapidly changes your body's shape through a dynamic combination of strengthening and stretching. We stretch and strengthen the entire body, targeting all 650 muscles in the body. We work on our fingers' tiniest muscles to the major muscles in our legs and arms dynamically to get the most out of our joints, muscles, and connective tissue. 

People of all ages can do the workout with some modification or going at a slower pace. It is a favourite fitness program for athletes, seniors and people seeking to improve their mobility and range of motion, especially after injuries.  

The results leave you feeling taller, leaner, toned, and flexible. There is no equipment required. We workout barefoot and listen to an amazing playlist that is specifically curated to the movements.

How does it work?

Basically, eccentric movement is one of four types of contractions a muscle can make.  An eccentric contraction is a motion an active muscle makes while it’s lengthening under load. In an Eccentric class, the load is your own bodyweight consisting of your legs, arms and torso. The result is your body works hard to lengthen the muscles without bulking them up since they are stretching consistently and building longer, leaner muscle fibre.


When you practice Eccentric Stretch consistently, you’ll notice positive results. Plus, you note positive improvements in your posture, mobility, and muscle retention. 

what we offer

Eccentric Stretch Program

You can expect to be standing for the first half of the class and engage in large, fluid movements using your full body while moving to music. During the standing portion of the workout, we also isolate the arms and the legs to work the muscles eccentrically. Then, we hit the floor format work and do some controlled abdominal focus sets and a killer leg lift sequence. At the end of the class, we do a dynamic stretch where the focus is on movement within our stretches to get the most for our joints and relieve pain. 

In every class, we focus on strengthening either the core, cardio or we'll take things slowly, with large sweeping movements.  The program uses simple science to help viewers control their ageing process by moving every muscle in all directions. 

Eccentric Barre

In an Eccentric Barre class, we use the ballet barre for isolation in the standing series and to increase the range of motion and deepen in the stretch sequence. Classes include standing, barre and floor work.

Additional Services Provides


Private Personal One-On-One Mobility Training
(45-minute sessions):

  • 10 sessions: $45.00 + GST & QST per session = $450.00 + Sales Tax

  • 20 sessions: $40.00 + GST & QST per session = $800.00 + Sales Tax

  • Initial health & wellness assessment included

Small-Group Personal Eccentric Stretch Training (2 People)
(45-minute sessions):

  • 10 sessions: $30.00 + GST & QST per session = $300 + Sales Tax (per client)

  • 20 sessions: $25.00 + GST & QST per session = $500 + Sales Tax (per client)

  • Initial health & wellness assessment included

Small-Group Personal Training  (3 or more People)
(45minute sessions):

  • 10 sessions: $25.00 + GST & QST per session = $250.00 + Sales Tax (per client)

  • 20 sessions: $20.00 + GST & QST per session = $400.00 + Sales Tax (per client)

  • Initial health & wellness assessment included


Note 60-minute sessions available upon request.

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