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Flo Fit workout program

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Class duration is usually 45 to 60 minutes. Flo Fit classes are held online and in Montreal. We will return to onsite classes hopefully soon.


Based on the love for yoga and a deep appreciation for weight training, Cecilia created Flo Fit Classes. Flo Fit incorporates strength training using free weights, glute band and bodyweight.


We start each class with gentle yoga poses to stretch the spine and prepare the body. Then, we end the class with a cool down and breathwork. 

Is The Flo Fit program right for you?

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200-RYT, L2 Essentrics, Barre

Cecilia is the creator of the Flo Fit Workout Program. Flo Fit incorporates weight training, glute band and bodyweight along with yoga and breathwork. Expect hard work with fast and slow pace combined with strength sequences and a few minutes of breathwork and stillness at the end.  

Flo Fit is a weight training workout. We work at a steady pace with these flo workouts. If you're new to weight training, the Flo Fit Program is ideal. Also, if you're starting your yoga practice and discover that some poses require a certain level of raw strength, for example, Chaturanga, the Flo Fit can help you get stronger.


Flo Fit can help people over 50 who need to develop muscular stability and endurance. All of which can be improved through weight training.  

Benefits of Weight Training

Strengthening and maintaining your muscles can boost metabolism, which means you'll use more energy for every action you perform. Muscle-strengthening activities help maintain the ability to perform everyday tasks and slow down the rate of bone and muscle loss associated with ageing

What can I expect in a flo fit class?

Flo Fit Workout Program

Flo Fit is not a  body-building program but offers a good mix of body-weight exercises and workouts using weights or resistance tools. Many studies have shown that the more variety in your workout routine, the faster you’ll see results, and that is the foundation of Fit Flo.

Weight training helps you define the muscle, whereas yoga will give you a long-lean muscle.


Each class can vary, Sometimes we will focus on yoga poses, for example challenging arm balances or inversion poses, which are very effective for building muscle strength. These specific asanas flex groups of smaller muscles — not just the major muscles that support the body’s weight during the pose.

We will also do traditional bodyweight exercises like squats and lunges and work on muscle endurance. We always end the class with a gentle yoga flow and breathwork. 

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